What should I pay attention to when purchasing Plastic Injection Mold?

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As a common kind of Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold is widely used in the market. When purchasing Plastic Injection Mold, we should consider several aspects.

For example, the acceptance standard of Plastic Injection Mold, the capacity and scale of Plastic Injection Mold enterprises, the industry experience of Plastic Injection Mold enterprises, and Plastic Injection Mold production equipment and other aspects of consideration.

Let's understand what to pay attention to when purchasing Plastic Injection Mold.

Generally, the purchase of Plastic Injection Mold is by enterprises, and the trading of molds takes place between enterprises. Such as commodity manufacturers, computer manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, etc.

The general process is to contact the person in charge of the enterprise, then enter the factory to discuss the details, make an offer, and then sign a contract to start production.

In the purchase of Plastic Injection Mold and the purchase of mold should pay attention to the same aspects, such as the fine degree of workmanship, the manufacturer in experience, quality is guaranteed, from the product to the strength of the enterprise these two aspects of comprehensive consideration.

Plastic Injection Mold acceptance criteria are too many, but nothing more than the following points:

1. Whether the injection molding products have met the requirements

2. Whether continuous production is stable and reliable

3. Whether the cycle of injection mold production of single beer meets the requirements of low cost

4. Mold structure and action design is reasonable/reliable

5. Whether the mold material conforms to the design material

6. The mold appearance is clean and tidy. Whether all kinds of labels are complete or not can be specified in detail according to the requirements of each company and the product requirements.

In short, in the purchase of Plastic Injection Mold need to pay attention to the problem, there is no fixed standard, only basic and basic, but also very need to consider.

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