Kitchen Storage Rack, practical and good-looking

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The items in the kitchen are always many and miscellaneous, but the space in the kitchen is relatively limited, so when the kitchen is decorated and stored, it is more painstaking and painstaking, so that the space can be kept clean and tidy. The following Xiaobian Kitchen Storage Rack, in the face of space storage problems can be easily solved, not only convenient to take items, but also beautiful and generous, killing two birds with one stone.

Kitchen corner rack

Use the corner space in the kitchen wall for shelving. Shelf bearing force is very important, so when buying Kitchen Storage Rack, it is necessary to pay attention to its load bearing and solid installation. At the same time in the ordinary placement of objects, the need to fully consider the problem of loading.

Floor-to-ceiling Kitchen Storage Rack

The area controlled by the kitchen space can also be fully utilized by placing large shelving, which can enhance the storage and storage of the space. Some large household appliances or utensils also have a place. You can also place a few POTS of plants to decorate your home environment. Can be randomly installed on the layer rack hook, placed water cup fire towel, kitchen utensils, etc., quite convenient.

Multi-storey small catering truck

It can be used as a small food truck or a small mobile shelving. Keep some everyday items handy to move around.

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