Revolutionizing Large Format Printing: The Power of the 2513 UV Flatbed Printer

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In the realm of large format printing, the demand for high-quality, versatile, and efficient printing solutions is continually growing. Enter the 2513 UV Flatbed Printer, a game-changing innovation that has redefined the possibilities of large format printing. This blog explores the remarkable features and benefits of the 2513 UV Flatbed Printer, showcasing its ability to transform printing workflows, unleash creative potential, and deliver outstanding results.

1. Versatility in Printing Materials:

The 2513 UV Flatbed Printer offers unparalleled versatility when it comes to printing materials. Its flatbed design allows it to print on a wide range of substrates, including rigid materials such as wood, glass, metal, acrylic, and PVC, as well as flexible materials like vinyl and fabric. This flexibility enables businesses and individuals to explore a myriad of applications, from signage and displays to personalized gifts, packaging, and promotional materials. The ability to print on diverse materials expands creative horizons and opens up new opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market.

2. High-Resolution Printing:

Superior print quality is a hallmark of the 2513 UV Flatbed Printer. Equipped with advanced UV printing technology, this large format printer delivers exceptional detail, sharpness, and color accuracy. With high-resolution printing capabilities, it can produce stunning graphics, images, and text, ensuring that every print is vibrant, visually captivating, and of professional-grade quality. The precision and clarity of the 2513 UV Flatbed Printer make it ideal for applications that demand utmost precision, such as fine art reproductions, high-end graphics, and photographic prints.

3. UV-Curable Inks for Durability:

The 2513 UV Flatbed Printer utilizes UV-curable inks that offer outstanding durability and longevity. These inks are cured instantly using UV light, resulting in prints that are resistant to fading, scratches, and water damage. The UV-curable inks also provide enhanced adhesion to various substrates, ensuring that the prints remain vibrant and intact even under demanding conditions. This durability makes the 2513 UV Flatbed Printer suitable for outdoor signage, interior decor, and other applications that require long-lasting prints.

4. Speed and Efficiency:

The 2513 UV Flatbed Printer is designed for high-speed and efficient production. Its advanced printhead technology and optimized printing modes allow for fast print speeds, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines and handle large-volume printing projects with ease. Additionally, the flatbed design eliminates the need for time-consuming material handling, as the printer can print directly on the substrate. This saves valuable time and streamlines the production workflow, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

5. Environmentally Friendly Printing:

The 2513 UV Flatbed Printer incorporates environmentally friendly features that contribute to sustainable printing practices. The use of UV-curable inks eliminates the need for solvent-based inks, reducing harmful emissions and minimizing the environmental impact. Furthermore, the flatbed design reduces material waste, as it eliminates the need for excessive media trimming or margins. The printer's energy-efficient operation and low power consumption add to its eco-friendly profile, allowing businesses to prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality or performance.


The 2513 UV Flatbed Printer has revolutionized the world of large format printing with its versatility, exceptional print quality, speed, and efficiency. Its ability to print on various substrates, coupled with high-resolution capabilities, opens up a world of creative possibilities for businesses and individuals. Moreover, the durability of UV-curable inks ensures long-lasting prints that withstand the test of time.

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